Clarification of input to distribution of ICHH funds

The Core Group is seeking to ensure the greatest amount of input to the mini-RFR/distribution of ICHH funds.  We see this happening in two ways:

1.  Groups of providers (and others) may wish to come together to make recommendations for distribution of funds.  For the individual programs, Dave Modzelewski, Jay Levy, Andrea Miller, and other have been working on this for a while, and are continuing to refine recommendations.  For the family programs, Tom Salter volunteered to schedule a meeting for providers to discuss their recommendations.  It is my guess that this meeting will focus on prevention/rapid rehouse funds.  It may be that there should be a third group to discuss the REACH for families pilot.  If someone wants to bring this meeting together, please volunteer.

2.  Individual input is also encouraged, which can be addressed to one or more members of the Core Group, or posted here.  As an additional means of seeking input, the Core Group will broadly distribute a series of questions seeking recommendations, which may be sent to the Core Group.

We hope to hear from you!

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  1. Great to see the site up and operating. The homeless individual meetings are taking place on schedule. The third of four meetings was held today in Pittsfield with only the Chicopee/Holyoke /Westfield meeting yet to take place. The goal of the REACH meetings for individuals is to:1) In short order identify our populations in each of the four sub regions and 2) fully develop a resource data base that will clearly identify existing supportive service resources and housing resources in the sub regions. Once this has been accomplished the sub regional REACH teams will begin the process of matching individuals to the resources.

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