From the Housing Solutions Campaign:

Attached is a letter addressed to the conference committee members who will be negotiating the FY2010 legislative version of the budget.  Please let me know if your organization is interested in signing on to this letter by Friday, June 5 – and who the signer will be.  Also, please make any suggestions of other organizations that may also be interested in signing on – please think outside of the box on this – any shelter, housing authority, faith groups, etc. that you might have a relationship with.  Note that this letter will appear on the letterhead of the Housing Solutions Campaign.

And please, keep the calls going to the conference committee – every one of them needs to hear from every one of us!  I know that it’s making six separate phone calls, but think about the impact of taking those few moments to make those calls v. the impact of not fully funding MRVP.  Thank you for your support!

Diane Sullivan, Policy Advocate, Homes for Families, [email protected], 617.227.4188

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