Great news!  The Network budget amendment that provides a $125,000 earmark to the Western Massachusetts Network to End Homelessness was included in the Consolidated Amendment that passed the House yesterday.

Arriving at this successful moment is a testimony to so much, beginning with the commitment of the more than 100 Network partners to the work of ending homelessness and to the Network itself as an important vehicle for making that work as effective as possible.  So first, congratulations to all of us!

Of course the Network’s capacity could only be acknowledged and increased with state dollars through the leadership and support of our elected officials.  This amendment would not have been possible without Representative Peter Kocot (Northampton) at the helm.  He sponsored it, advocated fiercely and shepherded it to this positive outcome.  We are also especially grateful to  House Ways and Means Vice-Chairman Stephen Kulik,  Representative Aaron Vega (Holyoke) and Representative John Scibak (South Hadley), all of whom made special efforts to bring this amendment to light.  Our thanks actually go to the entire Western delegation who have been incredible champions of the Network’s mission and its contribution to the cause of ending homelessness.

Please take a minute to thank your legislator and Representative Kocot and Vice-Chairman Kulik in particular.  To find your legislator’s contact information, go here.

You can reach Representative Kocot and Vice-Chairman Kulik here:
Representative Kocot: 617-722-2140;
Vice-Chairman Kulik: 617-722-2380;

Of course our work will continue in the Senate.  Please stay tuned for how we can bring this investment in the Network and all it represents to fruition. We just got one significant step closer!

P.S. If you would like to read about the Network vision and action plan with this investment, please click here.


Rep. Kocot:

Vice-Chair Kulik:

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