We are so pleased to share that the Conference Committee’s FY2016 budget released yesterday included continued funding of $125,000 for the Western Massachusetts Network to End Homelessness “to facilitate regional coordination and implement the Western Massachusetts Opening Doors Plan to End Homelessness. ”

Governor Baker now has 10 days to take action by signing the budget into law, vetoing the entire budget or vetoing line items within the budget.

We are so grateful to our Western MA legislative delegation, in particular Senate President Rosenberg, Senator Downing, Representative Kulik, Representative Kocot and Representative Vega for their steadfast support and leadership of the Network’s efforts.  We look forward to sharing in the good work that lies ahead.

Other good news in relationship to Network budget priorities:

  • The Secure Jobs program was funded at $750,000 (the higher Senate amount) with a directive to use Housing Preservation and Stabilization Trust Funds to support the program as well.
  • Unaccompanied homeless youth housing and support services secured $2 million in funding and Franklin County’s LGBTQ Housing First Program for youth was funded.
  • The MA Rental Voucher Program was funded at $91 million, which will maintain the current number of vouchers and allow for the release of about 800 new vouchers.

We will post access to more detailed updates as they become available.

Thanks again to our Western MA legislators for making these excellent outcomes possible!

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