Thanks to Eric Shupin of CHAPA for this update below (and please CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVE TO ADVOCATE FOR the HCEC OVERRIDE!):

The Legislature continues to take up veto overrides for the FY2018 budget. For a review of the override status of our priorities, please see the table below. The House and Senate both plan to take up additional overrides tomorrow.

While the House has begun the override process for many of our priorities, funding cuts for the Housing Consumer Education Centers (HCECs) remain. For the first time this fiscal year, funding for the HCECs was included in the Foreclosure Prevention & Housing Counseling program (7006-0011) as well as in the HCEC’s own line-item. The Governor’s veto cuts $800,000 from the foreclosure and housing counseling program (7006-0011) as well as the language directing these funds to the HCECs. This veto reduces total funding for the HCECs by more than 22%. If the funding is not restored, HCECs will be laying off staff which will reduce the ability of these organizations to provide housing assistance and homeless prevention services across every region in Massachusetts.

If you have not already done so, please contact leaders in the Legislature, including Speaker DeLeo and Chairman Sánchez, to ask them to override the veto for Foreclosure Prevention & Housing Counseling (7006-0011) to restore funding for the HCECs.

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