The Conference Committee released its budget last Friday, July 7.  For Network priorities, the news is mixed.

First, the good (or at least not bad) news:

  • Tenancy Preservation Project received an additional $125,000 in funding (up to $625,000) as compared to FY17.
  • Our regional earmarks were funded, including Craig’s Doors at $200,000, Berkshire Regional Housing Authority at $150,000 and the Network itself at $125,000.
  • RAFT funding increased $2 million from FY17, up to $15 million and includes $2 million expansion of households to include individuals.
  • Housing Consumer Education Centers (HCECs), through its own line-item and funding through another Foreclosure Counseling line-item will stay essentially level-funded.
  • Individual shelter funding is basically level-funded (an increase of 1.7%).
  • Mass Rental Voucher Program is funded at $92.7m, up from the $86.5m figure of FY17 but markedly down from the House and Senate $100m proposals and below the Governor’s proposal of $97.5m.
  • Home and Healthy for Good received essentially level-funding with a $40,000 increase.

The bad news:

  • Youth services funding was cut $1.325m, down to $675,000 for FY18.
  • Secure Jobs was cut $150,000, down to $650,000 for FY18.
  • Local Consortiums received no funding at all (already determined by House and Senate budgets of 0 funding).

To see an excel spreadsheet on Network priorities and the FY18 budget proposals, go here.

After passing both chambers late Friday afternoon, Governor Baker now has 10 days for his signature or vetoes.

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