The Legislature’s overrides of the Governor’s vetoes must originate in the House of Representatives with two-thirds of the body voting in support.  Then the Senate must follow with a two-thirds vote as well.  Now is the time to contact your Representative to urge him/her to support overrides of our Network priorities impacting homelessness (go here to find your legislator).

Please urge your representative to override the Governor’s vetoes to:

  • The Network ($125,000 veto)
  • Berkshire Regional Housing Authority ($150,000 veto)
  • Unaccompanied Homeless Youth Housing and Services ($675,000 veto, thereby eliminating the program)
  • RAFT ($2 million veto, eliminating expanded eligibility to the elderly, persons with disabilities and unaccompanied homeless youth)
  • Housing Consumer Education Centers (HCECs) ($180,000 veto from the line-item eliminating earmarks and more from Foreclosure Prevention Counseling line-item veto of $800,000)
  • Tenancy Preservation Project ($125,000 veto)
  • Home and Healthy for Good: $40,000 veto

Also, please click here to participate in the MA Coalition for the Homeless’ one minute action.

Thank you for your advocacy!



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