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Any day now the House is likely to vote on a zoning reform bill and send it to the Senate. We don’t want to waste this opportunity to do more to address the housing crisis and help curb sprawl. Can you take a moment to ask your legislators to add more to the Governor’s Housing Choice bill?

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To learn more about the package of six items that we want added to the Governor’s Housing Choice bill read below or click on the button to go to our online action center.


Make this a stronger bill!

The House is likely to vote this week on what the Governor has proposed—allowing a simple majority vote for zoning changes that promote housing and smart growth practices and allowing a simple majority for certain types of development project applications. We want the House to vote yes on this, but also vote to amend the bill by adding:

  • Rules to allow certain homeowners to create accessory apartments (“Accessory Dwelling Units,” or “ADUs”) within their single-family homes
  • Standards for Open Space Residential Development (OSRD or cluster) to preserve more open space in subdivisions while producing the same number of homes
  • Three common-sense ways to improve the permitting process
  • Expand local training opportunities for zoning and planning board members
  • Authorize site plan review for issues like landscaping and road circulation
  • Faciliate mediation at local level
  • Sensible reforms to discourage frivolous appeals

Please ask your legislators to support adding these six items to the Governor’s Choice bill.

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