Please see action alert from Mass Coalition for the Homeless:

Please participate in our Conference Committee call-in day action. We are looking to generate as many calls as possible to the lead budget negotiators, Representative Jeff Sánchez and Senator Karen Spilka. The official call-in day will be today, Monday, June 25th.
When you call, please ask the Chairs to ensure that the Coalition’s Conference Committee priorities on housing and services for youth/young adults experiencing homelessnessEmergency Aid to the Elderly, Disabled, and Children program, Emergency Assistance (places not meant for human habitation language and application access), Residential Assistance for Families in Transition, and the Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program are reflected in their compromise budget.
Representative Jeff Sánchez: 617-722-2990
Senator Karen Spilka: 617-722-1640
To read more about the Coalition’s Conference Committee budget priorities, please follow the links above and click here.
After your call, please email us to let us know you called and to share any feedback.
Thank you!

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