Last week, the MA House of Representatives finalized its proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2020. The Network’s own FY20 priorities fared with mixed results. On the plus side, we saw increases in funding in the Homeless Individuals Assistance (emergency shelters), Housing Consumer Education Centers, the Alternative Housing Voucher Program (important housing subsidy for chronically homeless individuals), and the Mass Rental Voucher Program, as well as continued funding for Craig’s Doors shelter in Amherst.

On the minus side, the Network itself did not get funded, nor did the Berkshire Winter Overflow Shelter. Career Centers saw a reduction compared to FY19 funding. Click here for the comparative breakdown of the Network priorities in relation to the House and Governor’s budgets.

Next up is the Senate! The Senate Ways and Means Committee will likely release its proposed budget the week of May 6 with debate likely to take place the week of May 20. Please stay tuned for additional updates and opportunities for advocacy.

Meanwhile, please reach out to your Western MA Representative to thank them for their advocacy. We have a great team working for us out here!

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