The FY20 House Budget is out and amendments are rapidly being filed (must file by 5 pm today) and the Network is asking you to contact your legislators to request their co-sponsorship of the following amendments (filing deadline is today but they have until end of next week to sign on as a co-sponsor). Contact your legislators ASAP by email or phone (go here to find your contact info). You can relay the information below to your legislator about how to sign on. Thanks for your advocacy!

The MRVP Amendment #401 (7004-9024) filed by Representative Paul Donato to fund MRVP at $130 million (House Ways and Means – HWM) proposed $110 million).
Please sign on directly online.

The MRVP Amendment (7004-9024) filed by Representative Joe McGonagle to raise the Fair Market Rent levels from 2005 to current standards. Please sign on directly on line.

Rent Arrearage Assistance Program (RAAP) (7004-9316) Amendment filed by  Representative Marjorie Decker to create a $7 million upstream homelessness prevention pilot program within RAFT. Please sign on by contacting Akriti Bhambi in Rep. Decker’s office at [email protected].

Youth homelessness amendment (4000-0007) filed by Representative Jim O’Day to increase funding to $5 million for housing and wraparound services for unaccompanied youth and young adults experiencing homelessness (HWM funded at $3.3m). Please sign on by contacting Alexis Foley in Rep. O’Day’s office at [email protected].

Secure Jobs amendment (4400-1020) to increase funding to $2 million (HWM funded at $1 million) filed by Representative Paul Brodeur. Please sign on by contacting Patrick Prendergrast at [email protected].

Housing Consumer Education Centers (7004-3036) filed by Representative Kevin Honan to increase HCEC funding from $3.5 million to $4 million. Please sign on by contacting Kelly Malon in Rep. Honan’s office at [email protected] 

Berkshire Winter Overflow Shelter Services (7004-0102) filed by Representative Tricia Farley-Bouvier to provide $150,000 for critical winter emergency shelter services in Berkshire County. 

The Western MA Network to End Homelessness Amendment (7004-0102) filed by Representative Lindsay Sabadosa to continue to fund the Network at $125,000 this year. Contact Rep. Sabadosa at [email protected].

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