Amendment #388 sponsored by Senator Jehlen to prevent eviction of tenants who have fallen behind on their rent due to COVID-19 and Amendment #362 sponsored by Senator Moore to restore crucial forbearance options for homeowners and landlords with up to 15 units who have lost income due to the pandemic.

Amendment #394  sponsored by Senator Crighton to improve and streamline the Residential Assistance for Families in Transition program which is the focus of the state’s Eviction Diversion Initiative

Amendment #405 sponsored by Senator Chang-Diaz to extend HomeBASE benefits for families timing out of the program and to improve data collection. 

Amendment #398 sponsored by Senator Crighton to improve the Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program by increasing the number of housing vouchers issued and ensuring that the Department of Housing and Community Development uses more of the funding allocated for the program

Amendment #149 sponsored by Senator Rausch to increase access to Mass IDs for people experiencing homelessness by eliminating the $25 fee and decreasing the verification burden 

As a member of the Statewide Task Force on Coronavirus and Equity, the Network is also urging support of: 

  • Amendment #82 (Senator Comerford and Senator Rausch) to raise revenue to invest in our recovery
  • Amendment #360 (Senator Lewis) to provide Emergency Paid Sick time
  • Amendment #230 (Senator Rausch) and #26 (Senator Jehlen) to ensure COVID-19 Equity Data Monitoring
  • Amendment #283 sponsored by Senator Chang-Diaz to improve data collection, equity and access for the Emergency Assistance family shelter program (#399 duplicate amendment). 

Our supportive Senators still need to hear from us to strengthen their advocacy with Leadership. Find your Senator’s phone or email here, let them know where you’re calling or writing from and give them this list of amendments to support. Our voices will make a difference!

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