Please see this action alert from Homes for All Massachusetts, and let’s act!

Action Alert: Massachusetts moratorium on evictions and foreclosures expires on October 17, less than one month! 

Call and email Massachusetts State House leaders immediately to prevent mass evictions.

WHEN: Immediately

WHO: All Massachusetts residents (even if you’ve already contacted your legislators, contact them again!)

WHAT: Our state-wide coalition, Homes for All Massachusetts, is fighting for the Guaranteed Housing Stability bill, because we all deserve to be healthy and housed. This bill will create good, common-sense protections from eviction and foreclosure as we weather the COVID-19 pandemic after our state’s eviction moratorium ends. You can read about the bill at (Note: The CDC has enacted a federal eviction ban through this year, but it could allow vulnerable tenants to fall through the cracks, provides no relief for homeowners or small-scale landlords, and doesn’t address our accumulating housing debt. The Guaranteed Housing Stability bill is the comprehensive solution we need.)

HOW TO TAKE ACTION: Use our easy call tool Then, use our easy email tool here

Spread the word: Share this call to action on social media using the hashtag #HousingGuaranteeMA. 

Much appreciation and solidarity as we look out for one another,

Homes For All Massachusetts

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