Today, the MA Senate is voting on hundreds of amendments to the Act to Enable Partnerships for Growth (S. 2842) (the Senate version of the Economic Development Bill, which must pass for various reasons, hence the effort to attach other bills to it through the amendment process).

The Network has 3 priority amendments and your single email to your Senator can make a difference:

  • Amendment #175 (Sen. DiDomenico) to create a Right to Counsel Pilot program. (our right to counsel priority – see factsheet here)
  • Amendment #47 (Sen. Boncore) to protect against tenants having an eviction record that follows them for life, impeding their ability to get stably housed (our eviction record sealing priority – see factsheet here)
  • Amendment #249 (Sen. Jehlen) to enact a real estate transfer fee between .5 and 2% with the discretion to establish locally determined exemptions (our affordable housing priority – read more here)

Find your Senator’s contact info by going here. A quick call or email with the brief message:

“Please support the following amendments (copy above). These amendments are critical to keeping people safe in their homes, and to creating the opportunity to have a home when they have none.” (of course feel free to edit, personalize, etc.)

Today is the day! Thank you!

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