Good news: One of the Network’s major priorities – changing the law to establish eviction record sealing protections – passed as Senate Amendment 47 as part of the Governor’s Economic Development Bill. Now the Bill is in the Conference Committee where differences between the House and Senate versions will be resolved.

Our Western MA Senator Eric Lesser from Springfield is on the Conference Committee! He is a supporter of this bill and he needs to hear from us to know we are grateful for his support and to urge him to keep pushing it forward. Please also contact your Rep and Senator (if not Sen. Lesser) to urge them to push as well. You can find your legislator’s contact info here.

As the Statewide Coalition put it in their letter to the Conference Committee: Senate Amendment 47 will provide a lifeline and an end to the stigma because eviction records will be sealed. 

A simple email or phone call that says: Please urge the Conference Committee to adopt Senate Amendment 47 to seal evictions so low-income tenants can have a fair shot at housing stability and economic justice.

Winning eviction sealing will help protect lives during this pandemic, as it makes housing more possible.  In view of the disproportionate representation of Black and Brown people facing eviction, Amendment 47 will also be a meaningful step towards addressing the racial injustice in homelessness. 

Let’s make our voices heard and make this happen – we are close!

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