Let’s do this together!

The Statewide Task Force on Coronavirus and Equity and Raise Up Massachusetts are joining together to offer this workshop that will equip and empower advocates to speak on progressive revenue and its crucial role in our recovery, advocate to legislators, and learn how we can achieve an economy that works for all of us – one that will keep people safe in their homes, improve our public health, invest in our communities, grow our economy, and reduce racial inequality.

Thursday, August 20
11 am – 12:30 pm
To register, please click here: https://tinyurl.com/ETFPopEdTraining

To fight COVID-19, relieve the economic damage it is causing for workers, families, and businesses, and tackle racial inequalities, we need a government response that rises to the needs of our communities, which are greater than ever. It’s clear what the choice is: we can let deep budget cuts drive us deeper into a recession that deepens racial and economic inequities, or we can invest in public services that protect our communities and make greater racial equity possible.

Close to 100 Massachusetts economists have gone on record in support of the clear choice: raising revenue from profitable corporations and high-income households will be far better for our state economy than making budget cuts. This popular education training will provide you the foundation you need to join the advocacy for progressive revenue. Your participation is key to creating the groundswell we need to protect our communities and create a path to true economic recovery.

Let’s do this!

Click here to register: https://tinyurl.com/ETFPopEdTraining

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