Today is suddenly a VERY BIG DAY in the State House of Representatives as House members vote on an Economic Development Bond Bill (H.4789) that must pass.  Representatives (with advocates) have calculated that their best chance of getting their priority bills passed is as amendments to this bill (hence 499 amendments have been filed!).  We need to get our Network priority amendments (aka bills) heard above the din so it’s time to Call/Email YOUR REP to urge their support of the following: (and yes you can copy and paste or rattle them off – just get recorded!).

  • Amendment #439, COVID-19 Housing Stability Act (the same bill for which you’re submitting testimony from yesterday’s post – it ALL matters!)
  • Amendment #82, Right to Counsel Pilot Program
  • Amendment #449, COVID-19 Eviction Protection Act (Eviction Record Sealing)
  • Amendment #194, ID Access for People Experiencing Homelessness
  • Amendment #34, Local Option Transfer Fee to Fund Affordable Housing

Thanks for contacting your State Representative as soon as possible. It will make a difference!

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