This is a weekend post because we’re in that time of weekend posts: one week to go before the end of the Legislative Session. Grab your minutes to act when you’ve got them! Your voice makes a difference.

 Submit testimonyno later than Tuesday, 12 noon, to pass legislation to Guarantee Housing Stability.  While Governor Baker extended the Eviction Moratorium until October 17, we know that at that time up to 20,000 eviction filings are expected to take place. 

This bill is the response to that threat (see the factsheet here for how it will protect tenants, homeowners and small landlords).

89 legislators have already signed on as co-sponsors, many from Western MA (go here for House co-sponsors and here for Senate).   However, MassLandlords, a large landlord lobby group, has organized opposition against this bill. Whether or not you can act on behalf of your organization, your action as a constituent, a voter, a resident of the Commonwealth means as much or more. Write your legislators a quick note so you can be counted!

In sum, 3 things to do:
1. Submit testimony to the Joint Housing Committee with this easy-to-use tool by Tuesday, 12 noon
2 and 3. Write or call YOUR Rep and Senator and express your support for the Act to Guarantee Housing Stability (H.4878/S.2831) (copy and paste your testimony to make it really easy!)

This bill is a major Network priority because it will save lives, prevent even greater racial inequity in homelessness and keep people housed and safe during this pandemic.

Thanks for being heard!

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