If you only have a minute, click here to send an email. Additional context is below:

As you may know, Governor Baker is ending the COVID-19 State of Emergency on June 15.  The Governor has filed a bill to extend certain laws beyond that date that would otherwise expire due to the end of the emergency.  He included laws pertaining to outdoor dining and open meeting laws.  He did NOT include extending eviction protections!

The Senate will act this week on bills to respond to the lifting of the state of the emergency. The Homes for All MA Coalition has issued this action alert that will take 2 minutes of your time to complete.  Tens of thousands of low-income tenants in Massachusetts, disproportionately people of color, are at risk of eviction without an extension and expansion of current eviction protections.  

The sooner you can send it the better, but it does NOT have to get in by 5 pm today (per the alert) to matter – just act as soon as you can.

Click here to act. Your email will automatically go to Senate and House leadership and your own Senator and Representative (don’t be concerned if you get confirmation reflecting only one legislator received it – they all did!).

Thanks for your quick action.

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