As you know, the House Ways and Means Committee released its FY2022 budget last week, which included many advances for homelessness prevention and affordable housing. For a breakdown of the Network’s FY22 priorities in relation to the House Ways and Means proposal, please go here.

This week is our chance to make the budget even stronger, in advance of the full House debate that begins the week of April 26.  The Network’s highest priority amendments can be found here.

Please call or email your State Representative (find them here!) to urge them to co-sponsor the Network amendments.   In particular, please note that the Network is advocating for two earmarks unique to our region: Safe Havens housing for Franklin and Hampshire Counties and funding for the Network itself to continue its work

It’s a straight-forward message: “Please co-sponsor the budget amendments of the Western MA Network to End Homelessness to prevent and end homelessness in our region.” If you’re on the phone, you can read off the amendment numbers (found here); if you’re on email, you can relay this link. One way or the other, let’s be heard!

And if we want to track the volume of our voice, please email me at [email protected] and I will track it!

Thanks for your partnership!

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