The Western Massachusetts Network to End Homelessness released today its Legislative Priorities and its Fiscal Year 2022 Budget Priorities. These priorities are driven above all by the Network’s mission to prevent and end homelessness through a Housing First approach that centers racial equity.

The Network Steering Committee, which includes a broad cross-section of leaders representing the four western counties, provides the vehicle through which the Network’s legislative and budget priorities are determined. These priorities also are decided in collaboration with our statewide partners: Homes for All MA Coalition, Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless, Homes for Families, Massachusetts Law Reform Institute and CHAPA.

Now our advocacy begins! Please contact your Representative and Senator to request their co-sponsorship of these bills and to relay these budget priorities. Feel free to relay the Network’s legislative and budget summaries for your convenience, making clear you are a member of the Network and you are urging their support.

With 500 of us on this blog, each of us taking a few minutes to call or email our legislators, will add up to make a real difference. The message is this:

“Please co-sponsor the Western Massachusetts Network to End Homelessness’ legislative priorities and support these budget priorities to prevent and end homelessness in Western Massachusetts. The glaring racial inequity in homelessness here in our own region (and statewide) requires comprehensive action. These policies and funding priorities are critical steps to correct the systemic racism that defines our housing and homelessness crisis. Thank you for support.”

And thanks to all Network partners for your action!

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