Earlier this week, the Joint Housing Committee heard powerful testimony on the Right to Counsel. We need to keep the momentum going, and the statewide Right to Counsel Campaign is here to help us. Let’s do this!

Email Your Elected Leaders Today

Take 2 minutes to email your State Senator and Representative and ask them to make Right to Counsel one of their top American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) priorities. Time is of the essence.  Decisions are being made soon, and this funding is crucial to get a Right to Counsel program started in Massachusetts.  

Make Sure They Know that Right to Counsel Will Help People in Their District

Start writing! Click here and personalize the form with information about how Right to Counsel will help people in their district to make the letter stronger. Make them hear what is happening in their district. Find your legislative district here.

Massachusetts Should Not Be Left Behind

In June, Connecticut passed a right to counsel program and is funding it initially with federal ARPA dollars. Massachusetts should do the same by passing right to counsel and starting it with $78 million in ARPA dollars over three years as long term funding is identified.  

Evictions and Homelessness have Devastating Effects

  • Women, especially black women, are more likely to be evicted.  
  • Having children is the single greatest predictor that someone will face an eviction.  
  • Black renters are 2.4 times more likely to have an eviction filed against them than white renters.  

It’s Time for Justice in Evictions

“When 93 percent of tenants go into court without lawyers, a broken system demands a fix.” – The Editorial Board of the Boston Globe, August 2, 2021

Email your State Senator and Representative TODAY! 

Urge them to help low income tenants and owner occupants in their district who are forced to navigate the eviction system alone by finally putting a lawyer in their corner. 

Personalize this form email and add your local experiences. 

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