Yesterday, the Joint Housing Committee heard testimony on a number of housing bills. I had the privilege of testifying on behalf of The Western Massachusetts Network to End Homelessness in support of two bills: The Transfer Fee for Affordable Housing (S.868/H.1377) and Transforming the Emergency Shelter System to Non-Congregate Sites (H.3959)

The Network’s testimony is here.

And most importantly for now: there is still time for you to submit your written testimony, particularly for the Transfer Fee which is receiving a groundswell of support (and has as its lead sponsor our own Senator Jo Comerford).

Feel free to adapt the first part of the Network testimony, truly a few straight-ahead paragraphs will make a difference. Email it to [email protected] by the end of the week. Thank you!

And while we’re on the topic of legislative testimony, I want to share a snapshot of the Network’s testimony over the last several months:

In Support of the Transfer Fee for Affordable Housing and Non-Congregate Shelter – 10/26/21

In Support of Emergency Assistance Improvements and Bill of Rights for People Experiencing Homelessness – 10/18/21

In Support of: The Right to Counsel, Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act, Codifying MRVP, RAFT and HomeBASE and Flexible Funds for Permanent Supportive Housing – 10/12/21

In Support of the Network’s American Rescue Plan Act Funding Priorities – 8/24/21

In Support of Cliff Effect Legislation – 8/24/21

In Support of the COVID-19 Housing Equity Bill – 8/12/21

In Support of HOMES (Eviction Record Sealing) – 8/3/21

Every legislative hearing offers an opportunity to submit written testimony in support of our bill priorities. The more testimony, the stronger our voices, the greater chance for success. You can start now with writing on the Transfer Fee! Give it a shot (and the Network is here to help)!

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