The Conference Committee is convening now to reconcile differences between the Senate and House budget. The members of the Conference Committee include: House Ways and Means Chair Aaron Michlewitz, House Ways and Means Vice Chair Ann-Margaret Ferrante, House Ways and Means Ranking Minority Member Todd Smola, Senate Ways and Means Chair Michael Rodrigues, Senate Ways and Means Vice Chair Cindy Friedman, and Senate Ways and Means Ranking Minority Member Patrick O’Connor.

Click here for the Network’s letter to the Committee outlining its recommendations.

We thank our statewide partners, CHAPA and the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless, for their analyses that are the basis for our state-level recommendations. See CHAPA’s Summary Recommendations and Letter to the Conference Committee and the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless advocacy alert.

The Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless offers this easy way to take action: sign and share their latest one-minute action to the conferees and your legislators:

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