Please see this action alert below from the Local Option for Housing Affordability (LOHA) Coalition. The Network considers this one of its highest priorities and is working in partnership with its lead sponsor, our own Senator Jo Comerford. Let’s push it!

ACTION NEEDED! – Copy and paste email below!

The Coalition’s Real Estate Transfer Fee for Affordable Housing remains in the Joint Committee on Housing and deadline for action is May 9th. If no action is taken by this date, the bill will “die” until it is refiled in the next session that does not begin until January, 2023.

Two simple steps:

  1. Copy these email addresses: [email protected][email protected],  [email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected] [you are sending to the House Speaker, House Ways and Means Chair and the leaders of the MA Joint Housing Committee)
  2. Copy and send them this email below (feel free to adapt but don’t feel obligated):

Dear Speaker Mariano, Chair Michlewitz, Chair Keenen, Chair Arciero, Vice Chair Jehlen and Vice Chair Rogers,

I am writing to provide my strong support for H.1377 and S.868  “An Act empowering cities and towns to impose a fee on certain real estate transactions to support affordable housing.” As you know, cities and towns throughout the Commonwealth are facing a major housing affordability crisis and desperately need funds to both develop affordable housing and prevent the displacement of current residents. This enabling legislation will empower those communities that choose to do so to place a small fee of .5% to 2% on higher-end real estate transactions to fund affordable housing.

I strongly urge members of the Joint Committee on Housing to report this bill out of committee favorably, and I urge members of House leadership to support this bill which will empower municipalities to better address the immense housing needs of their residents. Our communities need this NOW.

Thank you so much for your consideration.

[your name and address]

And if you have the time, a phone call to these offices is also especially impactful. You can find their numbers here.

Thanks for your action today or early next week!

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