As promised, we are breaking down urgent action steps in “doable bites” so you can do them!

Let’s take a few minutes each day and DO THIS!

Eviction Record Sealing
Our long-standing priority to pass the HOMES Act for eviction record sealing is on the cusp of passing the House. Please email the Speaker of the House – – and copy YOUR State Representative (find them here) to say:

Dear Speaker Mariano:
It is time to send H. 4505 to the Senate. The House passed this bill last year. It provides tenants with a way to seal an eviction record. There is no process now. Now people have an eviction record for life. We need to change that. 

Your name and address

Flexible Housing Subsidy Pool for Supportive Housing
Please email House Ways and Means Committee Chair Aaron Michlewitz – – and copy YOUR state representative (find them here) to say:

Dear Chair Michlewitz:
Please give a favorable report out of committee for the Flexible Housing Subsidy Pool for Supportive Housing (H.3838) to expand supportive housing and services for adults, youth, and families experiencing homelessness, and enable funds to get out quickly and equitably to those that need it most. This bill will build a response system that will truly end homelessness for so many of our most vulnerable residents.

Thank you for your support in getting this to the House floor for a vote and on to the Senate!

Your name and address

5 minutes and you’re counted. Let’s go get counted!

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