This just in from the HOMES Coalition:

The Eviction Record Sealing Act (the HOMES bill) may be heading to the House floor for a vote VERY soon!

Action Needed – Contact Your Representative

Please contact your Representative today. Ask them to pass H. 4505 out of the House and onto the Senate. Remind your Rep. that H. 4505 is similar to the bill that both the House and the Senate passed last session, which the Governor vetoed. We need to get this to the Governor’s desk again but with even more support from Representatives and Senators. 

How Does H. 4505 Protect Tenants

H. 4505 would protect tenants from being unfairly marked by an eviction record by providing a process for tenants to petition the court to seal the record on a case-by-case basis. H. 4505 would require the court to seal an eviction record:

  • For tenants facing no-fault eviction after the conclusion of the case.
  • For tenants facing a non-payment eviction within 14 days of satisfying a judgment.
  • For tenants facing fault eviction after 3 years without another eviction case.

H. 4505 also makes it illegal for a tenant screening company or landlord to use or report a sealed court record for purposes of screening a tenant.

Thank you for your work to get this over the finish line! Contact your State Representative ASAP!

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