Homes for All MA, in partnership with MIT, Mass Law Reform Institute and MA Budget and Policy Center, released an important new report today Housing Justice Beyond the Emergency: An Analysis of Racial Inequity in Eviction Filings in MA.

The report demonstrates that :

Evictions were disproportionately filed in Massachusetts’s communities of color, especially in Black
and Latinx neighborhoods

Neighborhoods with a larger proportion of households headed by single mothers saw higher eviction filing rates.

Concentrated ownership by absentee, corporate landlords was strongly associated with higher eviction
filing rates.

Local control of property contributes to housing stability.

The presence of live-in landlords was associated with lower non-payment and for-cause filing rates.

These findings underscore the urgency of the Network’s legislative priorities, from Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act, Eviction Record Sealing, Right to Counsel in Evictions and more.

See the full report here.

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