The Network’s Western MA Task Force for Housing First convened yesterday with over 70 partners, including our Western MA legislative delegation, our mayors, community leaders and our housing and shelter providers, to share our Fiscal Year 2023 Budget Priorities.

This is the kick-off to the next several months of working with our legislators to pass a state budget that will best respond to the urgent housing needs across our region. The House Ways and Means Committee will release its budget mid-April, followed by budget amendments and debate. The Senate will follow suit in May. Now begins the time to engage with our legislators – with thanks to so many champions of our shared agenda – to ensure they have all the information they need to push as hard as possible for the investment this moment requires.

At the meeting yesterday, we also provided an updated summary of the Network’s legislative priorities. We are also in a crunch time for all of our bills, as deadlines for action of out legislative committees approach and the end of the formal Legislative Session is July 31, the practical deadline for action on any bill this year.

So please stay tuned for action alerts on this blog. We are 650 subscribers strong right here. Do not underestimate the impact of your single call or email – each time it is needed. Because your single action is multiplied by hundreds, and that’s how we get heard. Let’s roll up our sleeves (a little more poetic than “exercise our fingertips”) and get practiced in united response.

We can make the right and necessary things happen together. Let’s go!

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