The House Ways and Means Committee released its proposed FY24 budget yesterday. While analysis continues, here are a few key highlights:

  • A BIG WIN: This proposed budget makes permanent Chapter 257 eviction protections so that tenants cannot be evicted while their rental assistance application is pending. YOUR ADVOCACY, in combination with hundreds of others, WORKED!! And huge thanks to our western MA Representatives for their support to make it happen. We still need to get it through the Senate, but this is a HUGE step in the right direction.
  • RAFT: Total allocation of $180 million, with a $7,000 benefit cap for a 12 month period, an increase from the Governor’s proposed budget and last year’s funding
  • Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program– Total allocation of $193 million (including carry over funds), an increase from the Governor’s budget and last year
  • Public Housing Operating Funds – Total allocation of $102 million, an 11% increase from last year’s funding
  • Homelessness Individuals Assistance (individual shelter) – level funded
  • Home & Healthy for Good (Permanent Supportive Housing) – an increase from last year of $2 million to $8.39 million (and $4 million higher than the Governor’s budget)
  • Increases in funding for sponsor-based Permanent Supportive Housing and housing assistance for re-entry transition pilot program

More detail in relation to all of our Network priorities will be available in our next update.

This proposed budget offers some meaningful progress and at the same time we know there is more to do to meet the extraordinary need. The Network is working with advocates now on amendments to close the gaps. Please stay tuned for an upcoming advocacy alert to request our Representatives’ co-sponsorship of these important amendments. 

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