Please join Springfield No One Leaves in this community action to stop the move-out of a long-time Springfield resident:

Kate Irwin and her children are set to be moved out of their home of 17 years on December 19th. She has qualified for the mortgage and has the funds to buy back her house, but the bank refuses to cooperate!

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Today and tomorrow, please call and email Pat Fitzgibbons, M&T Bank’s Wilmington Trust representative, and demand that they stop the scheduled move out and negotiate with Kate to allow her to buy back her family’s home! Following is contact info and a script you can use:

Pat Fitzgibbons
(212) 350-2083

“Hi, I’m calling on behalf of Kate Irwin of 5 Olney Ave., a 17 year Springfield resident. She is set to be moved out of her house on December 19th. She’s ready to buy back her home, but your bank hasn’t been willing to negotiate with her. We as a community demand that you stop the move out now, then negotiate with the family to buy back their home so that she and her two children aren’t homeless on Christmas!”

In Power,
SNOL Staff

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