YOUR ACTION IS NEEDED to make the Senate’s Affordable Homes Act much more responsive to our communities’ needs.  Here’s what’s missing:

  • The Local Option Real Estate Transfer Fee for Affordable Housing is NOT in the bill.
  • Eviction Record Sealing provisions that are crucial to accomplishing its goals are NOT in the bill.
  • The Local Option for Rent Stabilization and Tenant Protection, Foreclosure Mediation Program and the Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act are NOT in the bill.


First, join this Homes for All sign-on letter for rent stabilization and foreclosure mediation.

Second, copy and/or adapt this email below to send to your Senator and Senate leaders. 

Above all, act TODAY!

Let’s bring western Massachusetts to the State House!

Copy or adapt this:

Dear Senator xxxx:

Please co-sponsor the following amendments that are crucial to addressing our communities’ urgent housing needs:

  • Amendment #242 – Local Option Transfer Fee (Sen. Comerford): We must give our cities and towns all the tools possible to tackle the housing crisis and the option to adopt a real estate transfer fee is an absolutely critical one that our communities deserve. See FAQ here for more information.
  • Amendment #141 – Eviction Record Sealing (Sen. Eldridge): While a version of eviction record sealing is in this Senate proposal, it lacks provisions that will allow the measure to accomplish its intended goals. See this factsheet for more detail about what is necessary. We need eviction record sealing to count!
  • Amendment #150  – Local Option Rent Stabilization and Tenant Protection (Sens. Jehlen, Miranda and Eldridge): In the face of spiraling rents and tenant displacement, this amendment will give cities and towns the option to implement programs to cap rents and prevent no-fault evictions. Factsheet here.
  • Amendment #214 – Foreclosure Prevention Program (Sen. Gomez): This amendment will create a statewide mediation program to prevent foreclosures, which is critical for homeowners across Massachusetts and particularly low-income, working-class and new homeowners. Factsheet here.
  • Amendment #235 – Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act (TOPA) (Sen. Jehlen): Another local option tool, TOPA is critical to address the high cost of housing, to keep tenants in their homes and to stabilize our communities. Learn more here.

Thank you for doing all you can for our communities struggling in the face of this unrelenting housing and homelessness crisis.  We appreciate your leadership and support!

[your name, address]

Send to: YOUR Senator (find contact info here) and Senate President Karen Spilka, Senate Ways and Means Chair Rodrigues, Senate Housing Committee Chair Lydia Edwards:
[email protected]; [email protected][email protected]

Thanks for your partnership!

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