We are coming upon the deadline (called “Joint Rule 10”) – TOMORROW, Feb. 7 – by which time state legislative committees must report their bills out of committee or they “die” (and can be refiled in the next legislative session that begins in January, 2025). We are joining our statewide coalitions in a last push for action (or an extension).

For Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act: Join the TOPA Coalition and Go HERE to send an email to your legislators

For Local Option for Rent Control:  Join Homes for All MA and Go HERE to make a call or send an email to your legislators

For the Transfer Fee for Affordable Housing: Join the Local Option for Affordable Housing (LOHA) Coalition and contact your legislator to urge a favorable report of this bill (S.1771/H.2747). 

For Access to Counsel in Evictions:  We are joining the Access to Counsel Advisory Committee to push for the inclusion of funding to start a program, as proposed in Governor Healey’s FY2025 budget, and for adoption of the full bill language which provides the framework for the program. (HOT OFF THE PRESS: we just received word that the Judiciary Committee reported the House Access to Counsel bill out favorably.  GREAT NEWS!! Stand by for more to come).

Thanks for your partnership!

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