There’s a great blog post making the rounds that lists the things we need to STOP doing in order to end homelessness.  Click to read  2013: The Year to Stop Doing Certain Things in Order to Strengthen the Resolve to Ending Homelessness.

Here’s a snippet, listing two of the 16 things we need to stop:

Stop using luck as a substitute for informed, calculated, planned service delivery. The story of success in our work should not be based upon who walks through our doors next and we happen to have what they are looking for. Nay, our work should have a strong sense of who it aims to serve, why and how best to do it. High-performing organizations do not try to be all things for all people.

Stop ignoring data when it tells you what you didn’t want to know. More often than not in communities, I encounter people that love their local data when it tells them everything they wanted to hear. Others ignore the data, suggest it is corrupt or incomplete when the truth in the numbers does not jive with their world view.

As many of us are immersed in CoC planning, there’s lots of good reminders here of our ultimate goal.

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