Announcement from Community Solutions:

Zero: 2016 is a rigorous follow-on to the 100,000 Homes Campaign designed to help an elite group of communities do whatever it takes to end chronic and Veteran homelessness in the next two and a half years. The Campaign generated huge momentum in the fight to end homelessness, but while greatly decreased, chronic and Veteran homelessness continue to plague our nation’s streets. The health effects of these solvable problems remain as lethal as ever. We know what works to end homelessness, and, as a nation, we have a moral imperative to bring the solutions to scale. The time to finish the job is now.

Zero: 2016 will involve hands-on coaching, implementation of transparent data and performance management, and a shared learning environment. Admission is by application only, and communities should use the application process to take inventory of their local resources and processes and to demonstrate their commitment to the task of getting to zero. Any community can apply, regardless of whether they participated in the 100,000 Homes Campaign.

Getting to zero will be hard and will require a new level of commitment from all of us, but the key lesson of the 100,000 Homes Campaign is that we can end homelessness much faster by learning together as we go, rather than waiting for a perfect plan or perfect resources. To join Zero: 2016, you don’t need to know exactly how you’re going to get to zero, but you do need to be ready to roll up your sleeves with your peers across the country and get to work. Community Solutions’ dedicated improvement staff is eager to support you. We’ll also work with you to ensure that these efforts are well aligned with current Federal policy priorities, programs, and initiatives.

Your participation in Zero: 2016 will require your community to make certain threshold commitments, each of which is reflected in the application. Please review these carefully and join us for a series of office hour-style call-in sessions throughout the application period where we will take questions and offer clarifications.

We’re excited to review your community’s application and to have a blast proving the naysayers wrong together!

Application Available: July 29th to September 29, 2014
Application Due: Tuesday, September 30, 2014
Applications reviewed: October 1 – November 2, 2014

Info Sessions/Office Hours for potential Zero: 2016 Applicants:
● Wednesday, August 6, 2014, 3:30 – 4:30pm EST
● Wednesday, August 20, 2014, 3:30 – 4:30pm EST
● Wednesday, August 27, 2014, 3:30 – 4:30pm EST
● Wednesday, September 10, 2014, 3:30 – 4:30pm EST

Announcement of Zero: 2016 Communities: Early November, 2014
Pre-Work (includes selection of Zero: 2016 Fellows): Mid-November to Mid-January
Official Launch of Zero: 2016 – late January 2015

For Questions and More Information:
• Review all the material at
• If you are part of a VA 25 Cities community, contact Leslie Wise, Manager, 25 Cities Initiative, at or 213-680-8979
• All other communities, contact Linda Kaufman, Zero: 2016 Community Engagement Lead at or 202-425-0611

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