In late March, a team of 6 from the Springfield/Hampden Continuum of Care joined with 60 other communities across the country at a Built for Zero Learning Session. It was inspired and inspiring for its impact in ending homelessness.

Below is a post-event excerpt from Community Solutions, the national umbrella organization, and you can read more here:

We’re blown away by what the Built for Zero movement has become. Two years ago, 87 people showed up in Los Angeles, committed to learning with us and from one another in order to end homelessness.

This March, more than 400 people from 60+ communities and our partners gathered in Atlanta for two days of problem solving, planning, and celebrating each other’s work.

There was a lot to celebrate:

  • 10 communities have ended veteran homelessness.
  • 3 communities have ended chronic homelessness.
  • 39 communities are on their way, making significant reductions in the number of people experiencing homelessness.
  • Altogether nearly 105,000 people have been housed as part of this movement.

Read more here.

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