The Springfield-Hampden County CoC currently has out a Request for Proposals (RFP) seeking one or more NEW projects for the FY16 competition.

The CoC is eligible for bonus funds of $182,406 plus one grantee expects to turn back $23,988, making available $206,394 annually in new funds to house homeless households.

The deadline for providers to submit an application for a NEW CoC project for the FY16 competition (with an expected start time of summer 2017) is this Friday, August 12.  In order to submit an application for a new project, providers must request that I set up an application in esnaps. As of today, NO providers have requested that a new application be set up.

 As we have seen from our work in creating a by-name list, we have many chronically homeless individuals waiting for housing–at least 60! The available dollars can pay for both housing and services for this population. While there is a 25% match requirement, this can be provided in-kind, or you can use Medicaid reimbursable dollars to provide services to this population.  I would also urge providers to contact DMH or DPH to discuss any ideas/sources they may have to use as match.

In this last week, I urge you to consider proposing a new PSH project for chronically homeless individuals. You may also apply for PSH for chronic families, or RRH for individuals, families, or youth.


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