Please take note! This funding through the MA Department of Public Health offers the exciting opportunity to provide low-threshold permanent housing for unaccompanied adults experiencing homelessness along with support services to help them maintain their housing.

This is a rolling procurement (no deadline until money allocated) with an estimated total value of $10.5 million.

Please see the bid here:

Additional language from the bid itself:

“Sobriety would not be a requirement of accessing or maintaining housing, as this service is a Housing First model. 

Eligible vendors should have experience providing low threshold/Housing First models and harm reduction services as well as experience working with individuals experiencing homelessness and substance use disorders, individuals living with, or at high risk for, HIV and other and co-occurring conditions. Eligible vendors should also have the ability to demonstrate site control or the ability to obtain units with private landlords. Eligible applicants should include the total anticipated number of individuals to be served by their agency in year one as well as subsequent years in their proposal.”

Go here for more:

The state is committed to regional equity in allocating this funding. Let’s be sure to get Western Massachusetts its fair share and more of this critical housing in our region!

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