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This summer, from June 22nd through September 11th, the White House has launched a summer of service: “United We Serve”.  United We Serve encourages local volunteerism in four key areas: Health, Education, Community Renewal and Energy and Environment.  Here in Massachusetts, Governor Patrick and I see this as an opportunity to engage volunteers around the state in regional efforts to end homelessness.

 Your Regional Networks have subcommittees or partners dedicated to engaging the community in this effort – and hosting a regional service project during this summer of service could build on the visibility of the national campaign and its online infrastructure.  Projects could include clothing or food drives, preparation for a Project Homeless Connect, building or preparing a home or apartment, or other ideas found on the ICHH Civic Engagement Toolkit.

 Project identification and leadership should come from the Regional Network partners, but the ICHH Civic Engagement Working group is ready to help with volunteer outreach and event preparation.  Some of the support available includes:

 –          Visibility of event and volunteer recruitment on and

–           Governor’s Community Outreach interns can help outreach to volunteers and staff the service activity.

–          Participation in service event from senior state officials.

I hope all of you will see this as an opportunity to plan a donation drive or one-day volunteer effort that will make a difference in the lives of homeless or formerly homeless people in your region and educate residents about your goals.  Many of the networks have partners who are large non-profits that have managed volunteer events.  Please discuss this among your partners and inform us if you are planning something this summer so we can help.

If you have any questions, please call Elizabeth Clay, Chair of the ICHH Civic Engagement Working group or Robyn Kennedy, Deputy Chief of Staff at (617) 725-4000.

 Yours truly,  Timothy P. Murray, Lieutenant Governor

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