I wanted to make sure everyone saw this announcement below regarding DHCD Associate Director Bob Pulster’s  acceptance of an offer to serve with United States Interagency Council on Housing and Homelessness.

As Liz Rogers, executive director of MA ICHH put it:  “Bob is personally responsible for launching the Networks via the FY09 RFR and has been a constant champion of your work. Without his leadership over the last several years we would not have made such strides forward, and we would not have done it together.”

And let me say on behalf of our Western Mass. Network that Bob has been an extraordinary support and fellow leader in all of our regional efforts.  Our thanks cannot be overstated, and he will be missed greatly.  The good news is that we can look forward to developing a different version of partnership and continue to work together on our shared mission.

Congratulations to Bob!

The Announcement from Bob Pulster:

October 13, 2012

Dear friends and colleagues,

As you most likely have already heard,  I am writing to inform you that I have accepted an offer to serve with the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness.  I have resigned from my position as Associate Director of the Division of Housing Stabilization and my last official day will be Friday, November 2nd.  As a Regional Coordinator I will join the USICH team to support communities around the country to strategize on our shared mission to prevent and end homelessness.  So, while I am leaving state service I will still be working alongside you on the federal level and I hope to continue to be a partner in helping you to develop new resources and new relationships.

It has been five years that I have worked within the Administration and I cannot say enough to honor the commitment of the staff of the Division of Housing Stabilization and DHCD.  They are tireless in their efforts to meet the daily challenges of working to help families and individuals — whether they are in the field helping families on a case by case basis or working in our central office to implement programs, manage technology, gather data, provide fiscal oversight, or assist in the everyday task of solving a myriad of complex challenges.  I deeply respect their noble commitment and appreciate their unwavering support during a period of transition and transformation.

You have also demonstrated diligent and indefatigable work as so many of you have stepped up to innovate and implement new approaches in the community that benefit those we serve.  Your leadership and determination in communities across the Commonwealth has made and continues to make a difference in demonstrating how we can and must do better to respond to homelessness and housing instability.  You are the local heroes in our vigorous efforts to combat homelessness and I will always appreciate  your tremendous and unflagging support.

Finally, I am grateful to the Patrick Murray Administration for allowing me the honor to serve in the Administration.  I have been privileged to work at DHCD under the leadership of Undersecretary Aaron Gornstein and Chief of Staff Steven Carvalho who have demonstrated an extraordinary commitment and unstinting energy to sustain the efforts to prevent and end homelessness.

I am pleased to share a statement (see below) that was delivered yesterday to all DHCD staff by Undersecretary Aaron Gornstein.  And finally, if you would like to learn more about the USICH,  please go  www.usich.gov.

Thank you for everything. Bob

Robert Pulster
Associate Director
Division of Housing Stabilization
Department of Housing and Community Development


October 12, 2012


Dear DHCD Staff:

I want to take this opportunity to let you know that Bob Pulster has been offered and has accepted a job with the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness.  This is a tremendous honor for Bob, as it is recognition of the knowledge, dedication and passion that Bob has brought to his position as Associate Director for the Division of Housing Stabilization.  It is also recognition that Massachusetts has become  a national leader in transforming how homeless programs are designed and administered.  Bob has led this transformation since the transfer of the programs from DTA to DHCD in 2009.

I also want to acknowledge the extraordinary contribution that Bob has made to DHCD and to the Patrick-Murray Administration.  His commitment, compassion, and good counsel have helped me immeasurably as we continue to implement critical reforms and initiatives in the area of homelessness.

Bob’s last day with the Department will be November 2nd.   We will be naming an Acting Associate Director within the next two weeks and will begin an immediate search for a new Associate Director.

I know you will join me in thanking Bob for his public service and leadership at DHCD and in wishing him well at his next exciting opportunity at the Interagency Council.

Aaron Gornstein
Undersecretary for Housing and Community Development

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