Community Engagement Meeting Minutes
August 14, 2012

In attendance:  Father Stan Aksamit, Our Lady of Peace Parish, Jane Banks, Center for Human Development, Michael DiChiara, United Way of Pioneer Valley, David Gadaire, Career Point, Andrea Miller, network data analyst, Pamela Schwartz, network coordinator

Network Website:  Michael cleaned it up.  Where it lives – on “” – limits what you can do.  Two levels of consideration: (1) to move it to a different server so we can have more flexibility; (2) if we do that, how much energy to put into design.

As to (2) – design – there are templates out there  that allow you to do a lot (font, color, tabs, etc.) without spending a lot of money.

Andrea:  if it’s moved to, we would gain a lot of functionality.

SAMHSA funds (that have enabled Andrea to become our limited data analyst) are being allocated to create a housing inventory tool.  It will be an interactive, online program of housing info across the region regarding homeless programs/housing and will allow housing staff to go online and search the best match between individuals and programs, including a simultaneous search for support programs and appropriate housing.  Could include links to a lot of related information, e.g., housing applications, referral processes, criteria, etc.  David Modzelewski already collected much information; now it’s a matter of filling in the blanks and creating the online access.

A lot of work will be involved in updating and maintaining the tool (at least monthly).  This would include posting updates to the blog and creating a presence for the resource. does not allow us to do this inventory in the way envisioned (through “tableau”). allows functionality/design without having to be a trained expert in website development or design.

Proposal:  connect website transition to housing inventory tool.

Also interested in recruiting interns for the fall to assist in collating resources for tool and to keep resource directory up to date and to convert that to online tool as well.

Michael:  consider decentralizing around how we collect information – make a tool so that people can provide directory update info without going through coordinator.

Andrea:  another agenda with updated website:  to better integrate CoC info with the Network – create a tab on website that is “CoC Corner” – would provide monthly posts with updates relevant to CoC – data related info for the region.  If data not available, updates on programs.

David Gadaire:  Moved to authorize Andrea and Michael to decide upon the website migration to a more flexible host with a budget of up to $150/year.

Jane Banks: Seconded.

All in favor:  unanimous

Next steps:

Andrea and Michael will meet to discuss the following:

  • Timeline for migration of website with housing inventory tool
  • Job description for intern, get out to Network partners, e.g., Career Point uses interns all the time.
  • Devise proposal for management and maintenance of website

Next meeting:  Monday, September 10, 9-10:15 am, Northampton Senior Center

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