The Fireman Foundation provided support to the Network to creates its jobs action plan for homeless families.  It is now following-up with an online survey below (more context provided below as well) and I ask that you participate or relay to those who are appropriate participants within your organization.  The deadline is July 27th.  Thank you very much for your attention to this.  Let’s support their efforts to support our efforts!
Dear Colleague:
In 2011 Fireman Foundation provided planning grants to Regional Networks to End Homelessness for Two Year Action Plans to increase employment in homeless households.  The Foundation continues its work to identify resources to fund those Action Plans.
One of the components identified in the Action Plans was the need for training and professional development for staff working with homeless households – when it comes to employment.
Fireman Foundation has asked Amory Street Associates to find out what would be most valuable to staff (especially direct service staff), when it comes to training re employment and workforce development.
This email requests that you complete a 19 question multiple choice survey – which will help us identify what new skills, information, and resources you would most value – when it comes to supporting homeless folks to get work.  We are most interested in hearing from frontline staff who work directly with people who are homeless, and their supervisors.
Please complete the survey now by going to
The survey will be open until July 27, but please take a look at it now!  Also, please feel free to share this survey with staff you know who work with homeless households.
If you have any questions or difficulty in completing the survey, please feel free to contact me at 781-890-2004 or [email protected] with any questions.
Thank you –
Geoff Beane
Amory Street Associates

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