EA Reform Sub-Committee
January 15, 2013

In attendance:  John Busbin, Community Legal Aid, Wendy Kane, Community Legal Aid, Lizzie Oritz, City of Springfield, Pamela Schwartz, Network, Robin Sherman, Franklin County Regional Housing Authority, Twjana Williams, DHCD,

HAP/DHCD agreement for temporary emergency housing assistance:  Bonnie Caldwell shared draft agreement between Friends of the Homeless, HAP and DHCD.  FOH is the fiscal conduit of $14,263 in ESG funds allocated to HAP to use for emergency hotel stays (4 days) under very limited circumstances, e.g., late arrivals on Friday afternoon or in need of final paperwork to confirm eligibility.  Aiming for 2/1 start date.  Twjana and Alvina of DHCD will approve of families eligible for this assistance.

Will clarify with Jim whether other HAP assistance is still available.

Bonnie shared that between October and December, 2012, HAP spent, $10,229.  Since end of December to today, HAP spent $2,600.

In reviewing families who received assistance thus far, out of 30 families, just under half were EA eligible.  Others were RAFT eligible.

Consider advocating for FY14 budget, flexible use of RAFT funds to allow for short-term motel stay before becoming RAFT eligible.

Larger issue: a lot of families will not be able to make it through the year without additional assistance beyond RAFT.

Biggest challenge in getting RAFT approved is getting paperwork completed, both from families and landlords, in timely manner.

Agreed that it is still very important to track families who are not being served by EA and who are homeless.  Is denial under old or new regs?  How many are there?  What are the reasons?  All of this will inform our advocacy and will better assist DHCD in their policymaking.  Providers will complete HAP’s emergency assistance form and submit to Bonnie.

Next meeting:  2/12, 1 pm (immediately prior to family services meeting).

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