I am thrilled to report this exciting news:

The Paul and Phyllis Fireman Charitable Foundation awarded our Network $300,000 for workforce development for homeless families.  Corporation for Public Management is the lead agency; CareerPoint and ServiceNet will partner to offer job development services across the four counties; and the Network will conduct coordination and data evaluation.  Additionally, so many more of our Network partners – regional housing authorities, child care providers, community colleges, career centers, state agencies and employers – will make our success possible.

In summary:  over the next year, we will enroll 95 heads of households who are either receiving HomeBASE assistance or eligible for it  in a job training/placement program; place 76 of them in employment and by year’s end at least 61 of them will retain their employment (80% retention rate).  90% of the families served will be from Hampden County; 10% from the remaining 3 counties (a reflection of our HomeBASE population breakdown).  Placement will occur through a variety of different, appropriately matched methods:  on-the-job training, supported work (employer receives a transitional subsidy) or direct placement.  We will implement an innovative “stages of change” model that best assesses, responds to and supports an individual’s readiness to work.

The Network is one of four grantees statewide.  The Fireman Foundation is hoping these pilot projects will result in the success necessary to win broader private and public support to expand these initiatives and serve more families.  We are thrilled to be part of this effort and look forward to updating you about our progress as we go.

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