Thanks to the Mass. Coalition for the Homeless for this update:
Next Steps: Potential Resources for Families Timing Out of HomeBASE Rental Assistance
 All families still receiving HomeBASE Rental Assistance benefits will reach their 24-month time limit during this fiscal year. As many families will not be able to maintain their current unit or be able to move to another more affordable unit without additional financial assistance, DHCD and its contracted providers will be working to try to connect families with needed resources.

Families who are in good standing with the HomeBASE program maybe eligible for:

Up to $4,000 in additional funds through HomeBASE Household Assistance. These funds can help families maintain their current apartment or move into a more affordable one. In order to be eligible, families must have incomes at or below 50% of the area median income. A chart with the 50% AMI figures by region is available here.

* Up to $4,000 through the Residential Assistance for Families in Transition Program (RAFT), after a family uses up Household Assistance

A housing subsidy through the Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program (MRVP), if a household member is living with a disability. DHCD will be in touch soon with each HomeBASE family to provide more details on how families can submit verification of disability and be part of the subsidy lottery.

Streamlined access to Emergency Assistance (EA) shelter, if families need it and meet the basic eligibility requirements, including income eligibility. For specific details on EA eligibility, see the Massachusetts Law Reform Institute EA Advocacy Guide.

In addition, families who have applied for state-funded subsidized housing should receive/maintain any homelessness preference offered by particular local housing authorities and regional housing agencies.

HomeBASE participants should contact their HomeBASE stabilization worker with questions. Families, providers, advocates, legislative staff, and property owners also can call the DHCD HomeBASE hotline at617-573-1123.


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