A report from the Mass. Budget and Policy Center on the House budget:

Analyzing the House Ways & Means Budget

On Wednesday, the House Ways & Means Committee released its budget proposal for FY 2014–its blueprint for what we should do together through state government over the coming year.

Our new Budget Monitor describes how the proposal would affect core programs, from Health Care and Education to Youth Employment and the Environment–including information on how it would raise the necessary revenue. It also compares the new proposal with prior years and the Governor’s earlier proposal.

The House Ways & Means budget includes some limited new funding for Higher Education, Local Aid, and Transportation, but it doesn’t include the broader investments that the Governor had proposed to improve the long-term economic prospects of our Commonwealth by strengthening our pre-K and K-12 education systems.

    • While the Governor’s plan would greatly expand access to high-quality Early Education & Care programs, the House Ways & Means budget actually cuts funding for those programs.


  • To support his broader investments in our schools, our transportation systems, and our economic future, the Governor proposed a revenue plan that would ultimately raise $1.9 billion per year. The House Ways & Means plan includes much less new tax revenue, roughly $500 million.




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