Please see the link below for a new study on veteran homelessness by the National Low Income Housing Coalition.

And please read below to join the National Alliance to End Homelessness’ campaign to end veteran homelessness


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Join the Alliance’s Never Another Homeless Veteran Campaign

This Veteran’s Day, the Alliance launched its Never Another Homeless Veteran Campaign. On any given night, more than 60,000 U.S. veterans are homeless. Veterans face unique obstacles in finding stable, safe housing. Skills learned in the military do not always match the needs of the civilian workplace. For veterans with combat-related injuries or mental-health conditions, finding and keeping housing can be especially difficult. At the same time, veterans face the same challenges as the rest of us: a critical shortage of affordable housing and stubbornly high unemployment.

Ending homelessness among veterans is an achievable goal. Veteran homelessness has declined nearly 17 percent since 2009, and with continued funding and support, we can reach a day where every veteran has secure housing. We know what it will take to get there, and we have a plan. Will you join the Alliance and its partners in working toward a day when no veteran is without a home?

Yes, I’ll sign the Never Another Homeless Veteran statement

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