In attendance:  Daniel Bahls, CLA, Steve Connor, Veterans Services, Michele LaFleur, Three County CoC, Jesus Pereira, Holyoke Veterans Services, Pamela Schwartz, NetworkAnnouncements and Updates:

  • Holyoke Veterans Office received City of Holyoke CDBG funds to help veteran families pay for funeral expenses for veterans who passed away from COVID-19 (primarily aimed at Holyoke Soldiers Home)
  • SSVF funds (via Soldier On) are still available and being utilized 
  • The VA is starting on entering 3 county vulnerability assessments into the 3 county CoC data warehouse (called Green River).  Exciting progress to merge VA/Soldier On  lists with 3 County list to create better prioritization of need in relation to housing options. This will allow for prioritization of non-VA eligible veterans who have no income and no other housing options. 
  • Community Legal Aid (Attorney Dan Bahls) is continuing to provide assistance to veterans at risk of losing their housing, including work with non-VA eligible veterans.  Contact Dan with any questions or concerns: (Kate gave a big shout-out to Dan for his and CLA’s quick and helpful responses when in need of assistance.  Thanks, Dan!).
  • Interested in knowing status of continuum vouchers – Pamela will check in with Mike Hagmaier for an update.

Next meeting date: Thurs., 9/17, 2-3 pm. Contact the Network for Zoom info.

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