At the last Leadership Council meeting on February 28 (meeting minutes here), the Leadership Council of the Western MA Network to End Homelessness made some big changes! First among them is redefining the role of the Leadership Council itself:  the Leadership Council is no longer the decision-making body of the Network but instead will play an advisory role on an as-needed basis.  It will no longer be meeting quarterly and instead will convene on an as-needed basis.
The Network’s decision-making body is a newly constituted Steering Committee that is currently under construction (see minutes for more details).  Our interim co-chairs are Gerry McCafferty and Peg Keller.
All Leadership Council members will continue to stay informed of the Steering Committee decisions through the blog and intermittent emails.  The group very clearly affirmed the value of all Leadership Council members and the body as a whole as a vehicle to marshal guidance and resources when the opportunity or need arises.
The Leadership Council also adopted recommendations  for the Network’s focus going forward.
Finally, I want to take this moment to extend what I know are our shared heartfelt thanks to our long-time chair Andrew Morehouse.  He provided so very many hours over these last few years shepherding the Network through many conversations and decisions with many of you, and in particular with me. Let us call this the virtual room of lifting our glass in thanks to him!
I also want to extend thanks to Joyce Tavon, our consultant over these last few months, who did a fantastic job of helping the Leadership Council come to these decisions.  Thank you, Joyce!
The Leadership Council’s  support and participation are a huge part of what makes this Network successful and I have no doubt it will continue to inform our success in the time to come.  Thank you!
Pamela Schwartz, Director
Western Massachusetts Network to End Homelessness

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