A message from Bob Pulster–


I am writing to inform you that I have accepted the position of Associate Director of the new Division of Housing Stabilization at DHCD effective July 1, 2009.  As you know, this is the new division within DHCD that will have the responsibility of emergency shelter and federal grant programs related to homelessness.  Soon, I will have the privilege of working with 80 plus individuals transferring from DTA that will staff the new Division — both in the field statewide and at the Saltonstall Building.  Their demonstrated commitment to helping families and individuals achieve housing stability will be a key component to our success. And, I look forward to continuing to work with my dedicated colleagues from DHCD who have been so helpful in the development of the ICHH over the last 16 months.  Undersecretary Brooks has been a valuable partner in this effort and I look forward to working with her and her team as we move ahead. 

I take this new role encouraged by the exciting development of the ICHH Regional Networks that will help to drive the effort for real systems change. Serving in my new capacity will allow for a high level of coordination between the family and individual emergency shelter systems and the regional coordinating entities as well as within DHCD. 

Over the last 16 months we have worked together to build a new statewide approach to prevent and end homelessness.  Hundreds of individuals and organizations have organized in new ways to respond to this challenge, which has been empowering and hopeful for so many.  I have truly valued the experiences working with each of you and the members or your network and leadership council to advance this agenda.  We can be proud of our accomplishments to date. 

Of course, we have much more to do to meet the great challenges that we currently face.  We must move even more quickly to house families that are currently in our system to reduce the need for motels as emergency shelter, and we must continue to focus efforts of prevention and stabilization while we push for more affordable housing.  To accomplish these goals I believe we have moved in a short time to a tremendously better place.   And to that end I particularly want to acknowledge the leadership of Lt. Governor Tim Murray, Chair of the ICHH.  His commitment to addressing homelessness has driven our agenda for change. 

I look forward to continuing to work with each of you and all of our regional partners as we move ahead. 

Thank you for all your support.


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